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Construction and Security
You can have peace of mind in the knowledge that the construction and materials used in Surrey Conservatories are of the highest quality and meet all the required regulatory and safety standards. In addition we are a FENSA accredited company which means you can be confident that all of our window and door products are installed to ensure full compliance with building regulations.

These are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, both in terms of materials and workmanship. The material used to construct the conservatory has a multi chamber design which meets the highest standards of quality and performance and maximises strength and heat insulation. One of the systems we use for windows is Duraflex “fully featured” profile frame components. This offers smooth curved lines reminiscent of carved wooden frames with an elegant well made feel. Unlike some other manufacturers we ensure the strongest possible strength in the frame by using a system of “continuous reinforcement” where the aluminium frame inside the PVC-U is welded together to form a continuous piece. All our Duraflex frames are manufactured to BS 7950 and BS 7413.

All opening windows come as standard with the high strength shoot bolts and a centre deadlock locking mechanism for comfort and security. This mechanism comes with a minimum of four locking points on smaller windows and additional locking points on larger frames. Windows come as standard with the additional locking position of “night vent” where windows may be locked slightly open for additional air flow.

The window friction hinges are made from high grade stainless steel and are secured deep into the surrounding frame using a material used in demanding applications in the aerospace and automotive industries. Once installed, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that an occasional drop of oil or WD40 on moving metal parts is all you need to maintain them in perfect working order for many years.

Door locks are high security lock with two deadbolts or hook-bolts to provide that extra anchorage in the frame and additional security.

Door handles are provided to customers specification with a choice of white, silver or gold.

The roofing system used on our PVC-U bespoke conservatories has been put through rigorous tests to ensure it meets demanding standards. Results show that it should withstand over 25 years wear and tear in British weather conditions. You can see from the standards described below the roofs are built to exacting requirements and in accordance with all relevant British Standards and Codes of Practice.

Snow: Each roof is designed to withstand minimum loads of 75kg/metre uniformly distributed and 91kg/metre concentrated on a roof (for comparison, the average weight of an adult is 70kg). This conforms to BS 639: Part 3 1998 – Snow Loading for Buildings.

Wind: All roofs have been designed to be structurally sound and watertight when subjected to severe gusts of wind as typically experienced in the UK. These range from 83-125 mph.. This conforms to CP3 Chapter V: Part 2: 1972 Wind Loadings.

Structural strength: Our bespoke roofs are constructed in aluminium that is then clad in PVC-U. All the aluminium has been tested in terms of strength, stability, and durability.

The bespoke roofs are constructed from the K2 roofing system, which is one of the leading brands in the UK conservatory market.

Selected photos courtesy Wendland Roof Solutions
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